Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Our Project has begun!

We launched the Sawston Cinema Archive Project with an event on 19 June. It happened directly after school. Some students put up the mobile cinema kit so we could have a presentation and all of the students who were there put on t-shirts which had come from the Heritage Lottery fund.

We met some of the people who will be working with us on our project. Bill Thompson, who will help us develop our website, was there and he showed us a website from another project that he has been working on in Tyneside. He also showed us a film about the project in Tyneside. We also met the film-maker, Peter Harmer, who will run film-making workshops with us after the summer holidays. Peter had his camera there and he filmed some of the event. He also let us use his camera for a short time and that was fun.
Some members of the community, who remember the original cinema in Sawston, came along to the event. After we have done training in taking an oral history, we will interview these people and use their stories in the film we'll make.
We had tea and juice and biscuits at the launch so it was good.

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