Monday, 30 June 2008

Some Thoughts on the Project Launch

We had a lot of people talking. A fim-maker spoke. We had a lot of food. (TB)

Firstly we received a t-shirt and badge. Then we sat down and were introduced to various people that will play a major part in this project. After we (still sitting) were shown a few websites then a short film on a similar project and what would happen in this. Then there was a short question and answer thing. After there was refreshments and a chance to talk to each other. (SW)

When everyone had arrived we sat down in the chairs that had been set up and several people gave talks on the aim of the project and their role in it. Then we watched a film much like the one we are planning to create on a similar situation in Tyneside, although on a grander scale. Then when that ended there was a bit more talking and then it was the end with biscuits and drinks and you left on your own accord. (AG)

Young people wishing to be involved in the project and members of the community attended a presentation about the project and were told of its aims to explore the history of cinema in Sawston using film, media (website/blog), artwork. A film was shown of a similar project on Tyneside. (SW)

We had biscuits and we did filming (practice). Bill showed a clip and we got a t-shirt. (RS)

We met the director (Peter) and the web designer (Bill). I also got to hold the camera and we had food and Bill showed me a website. I talked to people who remembered the cinema. (JG)

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